8 Mistakes to Avoid When Steaming Shrimp

Mistakes to Avoid When Steaming Shrimp

Steaming shrimp is a quick and easy way to cook this amazing seafood, but it’s important to avoid common missteps in order to achieve the best results. Here are eight mistakes to avoid when steaming shrimp to help you achieve perfectly cooked, flavorful shrimp every time. Overcrowding the steamer. If the shrimp are packed too … Read more

Southern Style Crab Cake Recipe

easy southern style crab cake recipe

Crab cakes are a popular dish on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and this recipe is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Unlike many traditional crab cake recipes, which use breadcrumbs as a binding ingredient, this recipe calls for crushed saltine crackers, giving the crab cakes a unique and delicious flavor. Despite this … Read more

Easy Sweet Thai Chili Sauce Recipe

Easy Sweet Thai Chili Sauce Recipe

Serve this sweet chili Thai sauce with coconut shrimp or spring rolls for a savory dip. The sauce is also delicious in stir-fries and noodle dishes, or on a whole-wheat pizza crust with feta, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, and vegetables. Is sweet chili sauce the same as Thai chili sauce? Sweet Chili Sauce is a little … Read more

Delicious Easy Coconut Shrimp Recipe

easy coconut shrimp recipe

Coconut shrimp is delicious and easy to make with plump juicy shrimp encrusted with golden strands of crispy coconut. To contrast, the briny shrimp with a refreshing sweet and sour flavor, serve it with my sweet Thai chili dipping sauce. How to clean shrimp for this recipe When you prepare your shrimp for this coconut … Read more

Easy Air Fryer Fried Pickles Recipe

best fried pickles recipe air fryer

This Easy Air Fryer Fried Pickles Recipe makes an incredibly pleasing plate of pickle pleasure. Yes, you read that correctly. Enjoy the same tasty fried pickles as the ones you enjoy at Texas Roadhouse, without the grease. Simply take sliced pickles, coat them in a seasoned flour mixture, toss them in your air fryer, and BOOM! Guilt-free … Read more