Fun Facts About Kill Devil Hills, NC

Kill Devil Hills, NC is centered around the Outer Banks and is ideal if anyone wants to explore the southern and northern ends of the Banks. Kill Devil Hills, NC is an annual-populated town on the Outerbanks that offers services and business facilities, stores, restaurants, and fast-food restaurants. Local people love calling this part of the French KDH Bypass – a road that leads to the Bypass. Kill Devil’s Hill has something to do with “Everyman”.

What is Kill Devil Hills known for?

Known for its miles of beaches, Kill Devil Hills has a variety of restaurants, nightlife venues, and attractions. Avalon Fishing Pier, Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve, and the Wright Brothers Memorial are the town’s best-known attractions.

For most travelers coming from the north and traveling on Route 158, Kill Devil Hills is the first town you enter once your make your way onto the Outer Banks.

Kill Devil Hills Hotels

There are many Kill Devil Hill hotel types including older-style motels and resort hotels and motels. Many hotels have ocean views, although some are at the bypass or west side of the beach road that may have a somewhat obstructed view. There is also a beachfront campsite and some bed and breakfasts in town. The majority of hotels have Wi-Fi connectivity, and some have continental breakfast. Check if the hotels in your area have a YMCA membership. If you are looking for rental homes, don’t overlook Kill Devil Hills as your Outer Banks holiday rental destination.

Best seafood markets in Kill Devil Hills

If you enjoy cooking your own food, you are in for a treat. The Outer Banks and Kill Devil Hills area has plenty of amazing seafood markets with an incredible selection of fresh shellfish and fish. Some of the most popular seafood from this area include tuna, grouper, striped bass, shrimp, oysters, clams, and blue crabs. Don’t forget to bookmark this site for your best OBX seafood recipes!

Here is a list of the best seafood markets in the surrounding area.

Kill Devil Hills Restaurants

There are plenty of excellent prepared food places to eat at Kill Devil Hills restaurants. This area includes Caribbean, South Pacific, Thai, Mexico, Italy, grilled pizza, steaks, and of course, plenty of seafood options. Style varies from flip flops to casual to refined. Summer’s most busy nights are Monday and Wednesday. It is often more difficult to beat crowds when you get in early (4:30 pm or 5:00 pm). Generally, the seating closes at 9 pm during the peak seasons. Most restaurant reservations are not taken, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead if you are bringing an important group.

Here is a great restaurant guide to restaurants in the Kill Devil Hills / Kitty Hawk area.

Where is Kill Devil Hills relative to other Outer Banks towns?

Kill Devil Hill lies north of Nags Head and southeast of Kitty Hawk. You may find out a town you’re not familiar with before you move on. KDH is a central town located in the northern outer banks – ie the towns north of Hatteras Island – so visiting Manteo / Corolla is also easy.

What is the weather like in Kill Devil Hills?

Kill Devil Hills averages 50 inches of rain annually and July is the wettest month of the year. The average monthly temperature during the summer season is 79℉. July is the hottest month of the year, with an average daily high of 86℉.

Tell me the origin of Kill Devil Hills.

Legends surround the origin of the Town’s unique name. It is said that Kill Devil Hills got its name from sailing ships wrecking along The Outer Banks coastline when they carried rum from the tropics to the north. As their cargo was washed up on the sand hills, it sat until it was found by the local population, who believed the rum was strong enough “to kill the devil.” It is also said that the town received its name from a legend about a local man who entrapped the devil in a pit on top of the big hill where Wilbur and Orville Wright’s monument stands.

Kill Devil Hills Shopping Center

Put on some comfortable shoes and you’ll get to spend the rest of your days shopping on the hill. Although there’s no mall, the town has many strip centers stocked with local, interesting shops. Kill Devil Hills does have some nationally owned chains like Lowes, Kmart, Publix Food Lion, and Harris Teeter. The trend towards reuse is well-represented in the area, and there is an abundance of clothing and surf shop galleries, pet store rental locations, and jewelry and souvenir shops.

Fun activities in Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hill is a beehive full of activity. The towns near Kitty Hawk as well as Nags Head has plenty of exciting possibilities. Take a tour of the island to get a perspective that not everyone has every day, attend a Surfing School, have a kayak and stand-up paddling lessons, play on an international golf course or go skydiving on the Atlantic Ocean. There’s no limit to what’s possible during a Kill Devil Hills vacation.

Do yoga

While Kill Devil Hills is crowded with restaurants, stores, and a large array of sandy beaches that people can enjoy all day long, there are plenty more activities that are aimed at keeping everyone happy. You should have time for yoga on beaches and in the wells.

Book a plane, boat, or kayak tour

Discover the Outer Banks at your own pace. Get in an open-air biplane, travel waves with dolphin schools, cruise the sounds from a banana boat, or enjoy a wildlife tour on eco kayaks.

Kill Devil Hills attractions

Wright Brothers National Monument is extremely popular with Outer Banks visitors from every region & it is open for the whole year. Visitor centers are located at the 1903 rebuilt camp buildings for the Wrights to experiment with the Wright Brothers’ equipment, an exhibit, and the museum featuring a replica of the historic first airplane and the centennial pavilion.

Upcoming events in Kill Devil Hills

Enjoy an uplifting experience at a place in the history of aviation during the annual Celebration of the Wright Brothers’First Flight at the elusive Wright Brothers Memorial… couples dreaming of an unforgettable romantic wedding on the Outer Banks will be interested in attending the special event. See this and many more events hosted by the National Park Service and the First Flight Society.

Where to stay in Kill Devil Hills?

In terms of accommodation, Kill Devil Hills visitors have many choices. The area hosts several national and privately-held hotel brands, resort homes, and condo complexes. They range from Oceanfront to Soundside and give visitors more options when it comes to choosing an ideal place to stay.

Is Kill Devil Hills part of the Outer Banks?

Yes. Kill Devil Hills is located in the middle of the Outer Banks. It is the largest town in Dare County and has a year-round population of 7,777 as of 2021.

How far is Kill Devil Hills from Washington, DC?

273 miles. If you are driving by car, it will take you around 5 hours to drive from Washington, DC to Kill Devil Hills NC.

Is Kitty Hawk the same as Kill Devil Hills?

It was in 1903 in Kitty Hawk that the Wright brothers first made powered flights, today this area is known as Kill Devil Hills.

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