Oysters Rockefeller With Creamy Spinach & Bacon

Oysters Rockefeller With Creamy Spinach & Bacon recipe

The Oysters Rockefeller With Creamy Spinach & Bacon recipe is a tasty spin on the traditional Oyster Rockefeller dish, with interesting ingredients that are sure to delight your palette. Let’s get started. Ingredients Overview In this Oysters Rockefeller recipe, we’re combining a mix of both familiar and unique ingredients. The focus of our dish is … Read more

Are Oysters an Aphrodisiac?

Are Oysters an Aphrodisiac

Imagine you’re at a fancy seafood restaurant, the soft glow of the chandelier overhead, the clink of cutlery, and the murmur of hushed voices. You’re ready to order, and you decide to go for the oysters. But why oysters? Because you’ve heard somewhere, at some point, that oysters are more than just food. They’re an … Read more

Farmed vs wild oysters – Which are better?

Farmed vs wild oysters.

Oysters are a tasty food that many people love. These salty bivalves are enriched with healthy nutrient-rich foods including high amounts of copper and are often called aphrodisiacs. Zinc boosts the sexual drive while improving immunity as well. Oysters are grown or harvested from nature, but this raises questions about which is healthier. In this … Read more